Minta eats (city): Waffles not only by the seaside

Gazeta Wyborcza

If you need sweet waffles, but in a little bit different way, come to Waff’love on Senatorska street. Here you can eat belgian waffles - full of creamy butter and with delicious crispy peel. On Top I recommend their homemade ice cream and seasonal fresh fruit or homemade jam (apricot with lavender!).

Lody miastu dla ochłody. Gdzie są najlepsze? 

Ice cream in the city. Where is the best?

Ice cream cafes’ ranking (2015)

Gazeta Wyborcza


"No matter that Waff’love’s main speciality are belgian waffles, but their homemade ice cream are fantastic too. You can choose from few flouvres, but usually there is something worth trying and interesting, as mint with chocolate

or lavender." 


Warsaw Insider


"...Varsovians are no stranger to the waffle. So it’s no surprise a café has popped up on the scene and dedicated its whole menu to the pancake that looks like it’s been walloped by a tennis racket! Whilst strolling through Old Town and soaking up the only light available during this month, the lingering Christmas illuminations, we stumbled across Waff-Love. Upon entering the petit premises the homey waft of sweet crispy batter hit our senses, prompting us to peel off the winter layers and surrender to the temptations. A glutinous, finger licking, mouth dribbling feast followed...'





"Everybody who passes Senatorska street, feels this tempting smell of creamy yeast dough, that’s why there is no other possibility but getting one waffle, even if you haven’t had dessert in your plans."


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