Waff’love comes from love to yumminess and it is an effect

of fascination from the first bite. Our specialities

are traditional belgian waffles, in Belgium originally called Liege Waffles. In order to prepare them we use the highest quality and only natural ingredients: creamy butter, eggs, yeast, milk and spices. Their soft sweetness comes from pearl sugar inside, which carmelizes in a waffle iron and adds special and inimitable taste to waffies. First you order a waffle,

then we bake it, but never earlier, because we always serve fresh and hot waffles.

Our next speciality is the highest quality homemade ice cream, either made out of fresh cream, and intensive fruity sorbets. There are lots of fans of our untypical flavours - lavender,

rose with chocolate, yogurt with cherry or peanut butter with caramel. We also love classic flavours like vanilla, raspberry

or chocolate and of course... pistachio. We prepare our ice cream in small parts and we still create new flavours,

that’s why we recommend to follow our facebook

to stay tuned with our ice cream news.

Every person in Waff’love’s team loves sweets. Ones fulfill themselves by baking, others just enjoy indulging into sweets. That’s why every Guest, who visits our small and cosy

waffle - cafe, can be sure that we will recommend only

the best sweet compositions, which earlier delighted our demanding taste :) Our desserts are always prepared

the way we would like them to be served.

Our Guests have a great occasion to try the best belgian specialties and sweets made on the highest quality ingredients. The base of our sweets are fresh seasonal fruit, original belgian chocolate, our homemade jams and special spices. What’s more we offer delicious ice cream desserts, healthy milkshakes, fit fruity sorbets, coffee from the finest composition of 90% ARABICA and 10% ROBUSTA with special espresso italiano certificate. We also offer a wide range

of the highest quality teas with interesting aromas.

Our little but very cosy cafe is located on Senatorska 28 street in Warsaw, close to the  Embassy of Belgium. You can find

us between Theatre and Bankowy square, in front

of the north exit of the Saxon Garden.

Check us, waiting for you :)

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